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Marketing Intelligence Report

We’ll identify & profile your most valuable customers & quantify untapped £ value

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To be a customer business you must be a data business

In this era of personalisation, the brands who don’t get to know their key customer groups in intimate detail, (particularly the ones who represent the most value and opportunity to them), and then leverage that insight to drive targeted communications and brand evolution – will lose them to the brands who do. 

How well do you really know your customers?

Our clients

We’re the data brain of some of the UK’s best brands

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Key Benefits

Here’s why

  • Acquisition – power paid social with insights derived from your existing customer base.
  • Conversion – drive frequency and spend with segmented and personalised communications based on demographic, geographic, behavioural and psychographic traits.
  • Retention – predict when your customers are most likely to lapse so you can take decisive action to avoid it.

Our Process

How it works

DataHawks marketing intelligence reports


We pull together proof of presence data from your existing platforms, such as WiFi, booking and memberships.

DataHawks marketing intelligence and email campaign management


We match your customer data to the UK’s largest set of behavioural data to uncover their passions, mindsets and motivations.

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Email campaign management by DataHawks


We identify and profile your key customer groups, including who is most valuable, who is lapsing and who represents the biggest opportunity.

Hospitality email campaign management


Activating the opportunity in the short term by delivering a targeted CRM strategy and identifying the trends to help build long term business resilience and brand evolution. 

Our success in numbers

When we say it works, we mean it

Our insights drive proven incremental revenue through increased frequency and transaction value.


typical ROI based on opportunity surfaced


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Marketing Intelligence Report

What can I expect?

Each report includes:

  • Audit – we’ll deliver a detailed overview of your data. What percentage of your footfall are you caturing? How meaningful and actionable is it?
  • Insight – we’ll identify and profile your key customer groups based on their frequency, recency and spend; and the motivations behind those behaviours
  • Strategy – we’ll define your acquisition, conversion and retention strategy; and the £ value of delivering it.


Through clearly identified opportunities and a strategic approach to CRM, these guys are getting the most from their data.

For me as a marketing leader, our partnership with DataHawks is a no brainer.

They drive measurable incremental revenue from well thought out email campaigns...

The attributed spend continues to grow on the back of strong email campaigns...

It's been an amazing success with real return on our investment...

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Frequently asked Questions

Got a question?

The Marketing Intelligence Report generally takes 2-4 weeks and we can be sending out high converting emails for you within days of us sharing the results.

We start with the Marketing Intelligence Report, which helps us surface the juiciest opportunities, then we work with you to quickly get under the skin of your business. From there we’ll build you a bespoke strategy which could be actioned in house, or we’ll turn strategy into action by building and implementing a segmented, personalised and automated email comms calendar. We’ll take care of everything from creative briefing to build and reporting.

The more data you have the bigger the results! We’ll help you build your meaningful & actionable data using your existing technology.

Campaigns by DataHawks

What’s next?

We’ll turn insight into action with targeted communications to acquire, convert and retain more customers.

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Shall we talk?

If you’re ready to turn data into sales, drop us a line…

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Incremental Value Calculator

Want to see just how much opportunity you could uncover from your customer database? Use our calculator to measure the size of your prize.
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Typical ROI: 9-30x

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