Email campaigns by DataHawks

Campaigns by DataHawks

We turn data-led insights into high-converting, emotionally compelling email campaigns

CRM Management

Output depends on input

Like any machine, your CRM’s output depends on the quality of what you put in.

Your data is your fuel, personalised copy and creative are your materials and the insights surfaced in our Marketing Intelligence Report tells your machine what to make.

With DataHawks at the control panel, you’re turning input into frequency and value driving output. (And delighting your customers at the same time!).

Your CRM in action

Illustration of email and SMS marketing campaigns by DataHawks and how it works
  • Opted-in email & SMS
  • Demographic, geographic, behaviourial & psychographic data
  • Frequency, recency & spend
  • Segmentation & insights

Creative, copy, dynamic content, subject lines, CTA, incentives & rewards

First visit, frequency, spend, brand engagement & retention

  • Manages & maintains the flow and quality of fuel & materials
  • Ensures ‘production’ is on track to reach commercial goals
  • Checks & reviews quality of output
  • Reports on outputs & KPIs

Segmented, personalised & automated emails which deliver proven incremental revenue

Our clients

Trusted by these top brands

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Our Process

How it works


We’ll identify and profile your key customer groups, to define the most profitable action to take. 


We’ll deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. 


We design triggered email journeys which generate cash while you sleep.

Our success in numbers

Proven incremental revenue

We track the key metrics which prove incremental value


average monthly spend attributed to our CRM campaigns


of lapsed guests returned following 1 campaign for 1 client


extra visits in 2 months for one client


typical ROI with Campaigns Copy+

Results Focussed

3 ways to prove incremental value


Positive segment movement

Driving frequency and retention throughout the value chain


Speed of conversion

Reducing the time between sign up to first transaction


Control groups

Benchmarking audience performance to prove true incremental value


We’re sending high performance emails for these savvy brands.

For me as a marketing leader, our partnership with DataHawks is a no brainer.

They drive measurable incremental revenue from well thought out email campaigns...

The attributed spend continues to grow on the back of strong email campaigns...

It's been an amazing success with real return on our investment...

Latest Insights

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Frequently asked Questions

Got a question?

No! We use your existing CRM and tech stack to segment your database and send out high performing emails.

We measure the incrementality of our results in three keys ways; segment movement, speed of conversion and performance v control groups. Our reporting has stood up to the rigour of even the toughest CFO!

Even the biggest teams struggle to build and maintain a truly segmented and personalised email strategy, so rely on ‘batch and blast’ rather than delivering the messaging most likely to convert interest into action. If you want to get the best from your database and email marketing it needs serious expertise and resource.

Marketing Intelligence Report

Insight before action

If you’ve missed a step and haven’t explored our Marketing Intelligence Report, find out more here…

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I love it when a plan comes together

Bring in the DataHawks A Team and watch your email performance flyyyyy!

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Incremental Value Calculator

Want to see just how much opportunity you could uncover from your customer database? Use our calculator to measure the size of your prize.
Total opted-in database
Average spend per head (£):
Potential annual incremental value:
Typical ROI: 9-30x

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