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DataHawks harnesses the power of exceptional tech and pioneering data to help you squeeze every last drop of revenue driving opportunity.

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Piggy is the all-in-one platform for increasing customer loyalty. They offer a customized loyalty solution that allows businesses worldwide to grow, by turning first-time interactions into lifelong relationships. Build the reward program you want, collect valuable data and automate your marketing in all your channels. Retain and motivate your best employees and create a culture everyone wants to be a part of with the employee-loyalty solution. With Piggy you choose your own rewards, rules, triggers, gamifications, campaigns and much more. There’s no development or coding required and it’s fully integrated with all your systems.

The ultimate power couple

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Airship is THE hospitality CRM allowing you to centralise your data, send tailored emails and drive visit frequency.

When you pair DataHawks expertise in email segmentation, personalisation and automation, it’s a match made in heaven. Put a hawk in the driving seat of your Airship CRM and watch your business fly.

We’re getting emotional about marketing

We power our Marketing Intelligence Reports with detailed insight from Starcount’s ground-breaking data platform.

Starcount allows us to connect on an emotional level with your customers, revealing the WHY behind those buying and dining decisions. 

Starcount’s pioneering algorithm defines signals across your customer database using social media, banking transactions and demographics to give us and you more insight than ever before.

Together, we couldn’t be more aligned; to be a customer business, you MUST be a data business.

Unlock the potential of online ordering

Slerp is the #1 online ordering platform for you to sell directly to your customers. The platform ensures a great delivery experience for your customers, helping you build your restaurant brand and increase customer loyalty. Partnering with DataHawks for personalised and segmented email marketing, this combo helps you connect with your customers, understand your customers’ behaviours, and use the data to accelerate your orders. Power your restaurant’s growth with Slerp and DataHawks!

Sell direct with delivery & pickup

Storekit is the only omnichannel (delivery, pickup & dine-in) ordering system for restaurants that gets you online in minutes. Built for ambitious, hands-on operators in the UK & Europe who want to take control of their growth.
The fastest & most advanced platform for delivery, pickup & pre-orders. Take control of your restaurant & start selling online in 30 minutes.
Power up your email marketing with DataHawks and Storekit, by making use of your order and pay data. 

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Marketing Intelligence Report

Turning your demographic, geographic, behavioral & psychographic data into business-changing insight.

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Segmentation // Personalisation // Automation

Campaigns by DataHawks

Fully managed email marketing; from copy to send.

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