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20% of your customer base could be driving up to 90% of your sales. Great if you know who they are, risky if you don’t. 

The Retail Sector

There’s not a moment to lose

Consumers have never held more power and the market has never been more competitive. Even the most established brands must fundamentally change the way they engage with their customers or risk losing them.

DataHawks empowers retail marketers with powerful data-led insights and delivers emotionally compelling email campaigns which turn clicks into cash.


Turn data into £££

  • Insight – We surface business changing insights; fuelling everything from acquisition to retention
  • Action – We deliver high performing email marketing without the extra head count
  • Revenue – We demonstrate measurable incremental value
  • Loyalty – We drive unrivalled customer engagement
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Our clients

Brands getting the most from their data

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The Challenge

Risking 80% of sales from 20% of your customers

Brands who don’t know their most valuable customers in intimate detail will lose them to brands who do. You are very likely getting 80% of your entire business from just 20% of your customers.

It’s time to take marketing seriously and get to know your customers so that you can tailor communications, run more successful campaigns and improve your ROI.

Our Products

This is how we do it…

Audit // Insight // Strategy

Marketing Intelligence Report

Turning your geographic, behavioural, demographic and psychographic data into business-changing insight.

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Segmentation // Personalisation // Automation

Campaigns by DataHawks

‘Done for you’ performance email marketing.

Our success in numbers

We let our numbers do the talking

We craft laser targeted comms from data-led insights to deliver proven incremental revenue


typical ROI based on opportunity surfaced


average monthly spend attributed to our CRM campaigns


extra visits in 2 months for one client


typical ROI with Campaigns PLUS


These major brands are turning clicks into cash.

For me as a marketing leader, our partnership with DataHawks is a no brainer.

They drive measurable incremental revenue from well thought out email campaigns...

The attributed spend continues to grow on the back of strong email campaigns...

It's been an amazing success with real return on our investment...

Frequently asked Questions

Got a question?

We’ve heard them all, even the biggest objections. But we’ve got the answers to them all too…

Even the biggest teams struggle to build and maintain a truly segmented and personalised email strategy, so rely on ‘batch and blast’ rather than delivering the messaging most likely to convert interest into action. If you want to get the best from your database and email marketing it needs serious expertise and resource.

The more data you have the bigger the results! We’ll help you build your meaningful & actionable data using your existing technology.

We measure the incrementality of our results in three keys ways; segment movement, speed of conversion and performance v control groups. Our reporting has stood up to the rigour of even the toughest CFO!

Shopping around for increased revenue?

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Incremental Value Calculator

Want to see just how much opportunity you could uncover from your customer database? Use our calculator to measure the size of your prize.
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Average spend per head (£):
Potential annual incremental value:
Typical ROI: 9-30x

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