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NSOs – Prime time to harvest customer data

If you’re not utilising the golden opportunity that is NSOs to grow your database and drive that key opted-in data, what are you doing? 🤨



Prime time to harvest some key customer data (and more £££). I’m joking. It means New Site Opening. But also the former. 🤓

If you’re not utilising the golden opportunity that is NSOs to grow your database and drive that key opted-in data, what are you doing? 🤨

From table talkers to spin the wheels and QRs, we have seen our clients reap success by using these. We’re talking to so many different casual dining chains that are seeing their database growth rapidly increase (and stand still) but are not taking advantage of NSOs and CRM. Put the two together and you get a money-making machine 😮‍💨

Instantly, opening a new store or restaurant site sparks a little hype with your customers and prospective customers (this is who we’re after). Let’s take that hype, connect the dots with data, and welcome them with open arms to your database 🙆


Peep our work with Rosa’s Thai. After implementing only a handful of our NSO ideas when supporting their latest opening in Richmond, this pot saw an 854.6% increase in size and some spicy conversions! 🌶️

Whether it’s a vinyl on your storefront, a leaflet through the door or a paid media post (yes, we can align with your other agencies), you want to grab HOLD of that new data, we advise through an incentive which encourages those dreamy conversions and PoPs on their first visit to your new swanky spot. BOOM. 🔥


But the success doesn’t just stop there (I know your jaw just dropped). You’ve instantly just picked up valuable data you can nurture and make even more profitable. You’ve now got an email address (opted in, of course), potentially a contact first name (hello personalisation), and, you now have a slither of GEOGRAPHICAL data (their local) 🤑

“Hello, new prospect”, you whisper as you send an automated or manual send to your new customer. They’re interested; you’re going to fuel that interest with a voucher or even some groundbreaking and engaging content, and in return, you can ask them to tell you a little bit more. 🙏

And that, my friends, leads to the world of segmentation. Which we all know equals MORE COLD HARD CASH (take a look at our case studies) 🤩


Got new sites opening quicker than you can say NSO? Fancy making more money using your actual DATA and CUSTOMERS (but don’t have the time, people, or resources)? No probs. We can help. 🦅

Drop me or one of our other wonderful Hawks a quick message, and let’s chat!

This only scratches the surface of what we can do 😌

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