To be a customer business, you must be a data business. 

If you had to describe your most valuable customer, how accurate do you think your answer would be? What evidence would you have to support your theory?

The reality for many marketing departments across the hospitality and retail industries is that they simply don’t know their most valuable customers right now. Key marketing decisions are being founded on little more than guesswork as to who the right audience is for their offers and advertisements… But that’s where we come in. 



We’re DataHawks, a team of analytics and marketing experts with a wealth of experience in the hospitality and retail industries. We’re here to bring decision makers across the sector tangible campaign ideas backed by proof of presence data that highlight the customers that are genuinely valuable to them.

The Marketing Intelligence Report is one of our key service offerings for businesses in hospitality, retail and beyond. This in-depth data and marketing report breaks down your proof of presence data, turns numbers into tangible customer groups and highlights deliverable marketing actions as a next step. 

Our Marketing Intelligence Report comprises of four key stages:

Organise: We pull together all your proof of presence data from varying tech platforms including Airship, Toggle, Vita Mojo, Wireless Social and Shopify. 

Optimise: We build upon your existing data to pair key groups with other interests, hobbies and passions to build an even better picture. 

Analyse: Our in-house data experts analyse your customer data to identify key customer groups and emerging trends. 

Monetise: We strategise money-making marketing campaigns, targeted towards your most valuable customer groups to encourage boosted conversions. 


How long does the Marketing Intelligence Report take?

The time it takes for us to organise, analyse and optimise your data really does depend on the size of your database and the number of data sources you have available. 

However, we allocate up to 15 working days to give our entire team time to touch base with your data and work their part of the magic. 

Once all of our findings and suggestions have been pulled into your final report, we ask you to set aside up to two hours for us. This gives us time to jump on Zoom or grab a coffee and go through everything in detail. We’re sure you’ll have some questions too, so we like to allocate plenty of time for those. 

How does the Marketing Intelligence Report provide me with a return on investment?

The return on investment you get from signing up to the Marketing Intelligence Report is endless. Available monthly or as a quarterly debrief, the data alone you receive about your most valuable customers opens up countless opportunities to make better business decisions. 

But don’t forget, in every report, we do a lot of the hard work for you. In the monetise section of your report, we highlight key campaign ideas that have been designed by our strategy experts to target your most valuable customers. These ideas are designed to empower and inspire your marketing department in the present and future.

In the last 12 months, we’ve surfaced over £100million worth of opportunity for our clients. 


Are you looking for a tangible business asset that looks beyond the vanity metrics and uses genuine proof of presence data to help your marketing department craft valuable marketing campaigns? The Marketing Intelligence Report is for you. 


Get in touch today to find out more about what we do and how we could help your business uncover £100,000s worth of opportunity.

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