Do you want to unlock the true potential of your CRM database with targeted, segmented campaigns?

A one of a kind, powerful and profitable campaign management service for hospitality, retail and entertainment brands. Campaigns by DataHawks is a managed CRM service which pairs a quarterly customer data report with up to 7 recommended monthly CRM campaigns to acquire, convert and retain customers.

Campaigns by DataHawks is the natural next step on from our well-loved Marketing Intelligence Report. The perfect add-on to your existing in-house marketing department, our managed CRM service pairs a quarterly customer data report with a planned 3 month CRM strategy which aims to move customers through the segments to improve their value to your business.

The best part? Your marketing team doesn’t have to handle the campaign execution. Our managed CRM service looks after everything from idea generation to copywriting, campaign building, delivery and reporting. 

The purpose of Campaigns by DataHawks is to help your brand achieve data-driven, consistent CRM marketing without lifting a finger.


Your Pricing Options 

Available for 6 – 49 venues. For 49 venues+, please enquire for pricing. For bespoke packages, please also enquire. 

“We’ve been working with DataHawks for a few months, using their ‘Campaigns by DataHawks’ CRM service. This has included sorting customer data, identifying opportunities with lapsed customers, or product groups, and running various campaigns through the CRM to invite customers into the restaurants. It’s been an amazing success with real return on our investment.”

– Emma Reynolds, Co-Founder at Tonkotsu.

Want to find out more about Campaigns by DataHawks? To see more of our results or to chat about adding this service into your marketing strategy, fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch soon. 

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