Birds' eye view of a table of Thai dishes at a Rosa's Thai restaurant.

Rosa’s Thai

How we deliver £144k of monthly incremental spend for Rosa’s Thai


The context

  • Premium casual dining brand
  • Selected trial sites across the UK initially, rolling out to the full estate
  • Marketing Intelligence Report + Campaigns by DataHawks

Their brief

  • To drive revenue and loyalty in trial sites selected by the Rosa’s Thai team

What we did

  • Crafted personalised copy based on detailed customer segmentation
  • Implemented automation strategies for birthdays and welcome journeys
  • Increased regularity of CRM campaigns
  • Benchmarked our results using a control group

The results

  • Proven ROI within the first 6 months for the trial sites, which led to campaign management for the entire estate of Rosa’s Thai restaurants
  • Over 6 months for the trial sites we delivered:
    • x5 ROI
    • 3K additional proof of presence (PoPs)
    • £60k worth of incremental spend
  • Since the roll out of this success across the full estate (a further 6 months) we have delivered:
    • x17 ROI
    • 29k additional proof of presence (PoPs)
    • £506k worth of incremental spend
  • Our average conversion rate of emails is 4% better than the control groups and 1% better when delivered by the Hawks
  • On average, we continue to deliver an additional £144k of direct incremental spend per month (versus the control groups)


“We trust DataHawks to manage CRM for our whole estate following a successful trial period. The team continues to drive measurable incremental revenue from well thought out email campaigns – and the insights being surfaced feed into our knowledge about our customers. It’s a win-win.”

Jay James, Marketing Director, Rosa’s Thai

A note on control groups

DataHawks uses a proven, best practice method in order to monitor the success of our email campaigns. A selection of between 5-10% of a clients’ database is segregated into a ‘control group’ whereby they receive no emails across the month. This allows us to compare the actions and behaviours of customers who are receiving emails versus those in the control group who receive no communications from us.

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