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Is email really that important?

To be frank, the idea that email is a dying channel simply isn’t true! In fact, email reigns supreme as the no.1 marketing channel for driving consumer purchases.



Have you heard this phrase floating around in meetings? Struggling to get sign off on your CRM budget? 😩

To be frank, the idea that email is a dying channel simply isn’t true! In fact, email reigns supreme as the no.1 marketing channel for driving consumer purchases.* 🔥 🔥

Think about it, in an age where we are becoming more aware of time spent scrolling on our smartphones and increasingly prioritising our mental health, channels like social media are seeing a frequency of use downturn while email remains a core part of our day-to-day professional and personal lives. 👩‍💻 


So while email and social media may experience a similar number of users, where are we seeing them splash the cash? You may be surprised to learn that the average conversion rate of email is 3%,** compared to Instagram Ads at 1.08%*** – throw us into the mix and you’ll see even better results with your emails converting 4% better than your own on average. 😉

“What makes email so powerful?” I hear you ask: The ability to hyper-personalise content and segment messages means that resonating with the consumer and fulfilling their desire to feel understood are a big HIT. 🤩


With over 50% of customers feeling frustrated with irrelevant offers and content and between 74%-80% feeling that personalised messaging with tailored offers are important to their engagement with brands, personalisation and segmentation are paramount to your success.* 🎉 This is at our core and why by understanding customer needs and wants, we saw over £100k of incremental revenue generated by CRM for a five-site restaurant group in December. 💸

So next time you get push back on your CRM budget or are battling to prove the worth of your email channel, you know what to tell ‘em! 👀 

Stretched for time? Not sure where to start? Looking to really monetise 🤑 your database? Drop me a message to find out how DataHawks can help you out at [email protected]


*Based on Marigold Engage 2024 Global Consumer Trends Index
**Mail Butler

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