We’re passionate about partnering with tech platforms that deliver hospitality brands with genuine product value and customer insight. 

We’re proud to introduce our partnership with ordering, loyalty and marketing platform, LOKE. 

LOKE Campaigns by DataHawks is the plug-in managed campaign service for LOKE customers. Designed to utilise the invaluable data collected using their platform, this service actions data through CRM, SMS and push notification campaigns that really convert. 

If you’ve been committed to collecting data but are lacking direction to action it, this is the partnership for you. 




Who are LOKE?

The all-in-one hospitality solution, LOKE build branded ordering, loyalty, and marketing technology for hospitality businesses. Their platform is proven to increase the average order value, frequency of transactions and reduce labour costs. This is achieved via a suite of digital sales tools powered by a highly sophisticated rewards and promotions engine.

From viewing the menu to ordering, paying and a whole host of customer engagement and retention tools to follow, LOKE provide a platform that touches base with customers at every step of their journey with you.



How Does LOKE Campaigns by DataHawks Work?

LOKE campaigns by DataHawks is designed to utilise the data collected in the LOKE platform to send strategic and targeted campaigns to customers to further convert and retain. This managed service is ideal for LOKE customers who have been using the service for 3-6 months and have collected a bank of data that is now ready to be targeted.

Utilising the campaign features within LOKE, DataHawks segments your customers and creates bespoke campaign strategies to re-engage, convert and retain customers across the loyalty spectrum. 

LOKE’s platform allows for campaigns to be sent via email, SMS, in-app notifications and more. Whether it’s a simple message or a bespoke voucher, combining LOKE and DataHawks gives your business all the tools to send more powerful and profitable marketing campaigns.

Want to find out more about LOKE campaigns by DataHawks? Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.

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