We’re DataHawks, a team of analytics and marketing experts with a wealth of experience in the hospitality and retail industries. We’re here to bring decision makers across the sector tangible campaign ideas backed by proof of presence data that highlight the customers that are genuinely valuable to them.

Vic, Founder

Edd, Head of Analytics 

Jen, Data Analayst 

Tumi, Data Analyst 

Ellie, Strategy Manager

Nadja, Campaign Executive

Georgia, Campaign Executive 

Photo of Victoria Searl

Victoria Searl – Founder & Head Hawk

Meet our Founder (and Head Hawk) Victoria Searl. She has over 27 years of hospitality experience including operations for drinks-led brands including Revolution and latterly as Marketing Director for brands including Cafe Rouge, TGI Fridays, Byron and All Star Lanes.

Constantly frustrated at how marketing was rarely taken seriously or treated with the same respect as other essential functions, she founded DataHawks to provide data-led marketing intelligence to empower hospitality marketers to deliver six and seven-figure sales uplifts and claim their seat at the boardroom table.

Photo of Victoria Searl

Edd Bower – Lead Analyst 

Edd started his journey studying Software Engineering at Durham University, helping him get a firm grasp on all the different aspects of technology. He has clocked up over 17 years of experience within the hospitality and retail sectors. Having led his own team of analysts at The CO-OP, he decided it was time to branch out into freelance work, leading him to meet Vic. 

Edd has been with DataHawks since the beginning and like a dog with a data bone, he is our Lead Analyst who dives head first into the data and surfaces the insights to help make the best marketing decisions. He is a problem-solving superstar and loves flexing his brain to work at the forefront of an industry driving change. 

Jen Hollingsworth – Data Analyst 

Jen originally kicked off her career with a degree in Psychology, leading into a job at the student union doing research and data for multiple different types of students. This began her passion for data and led to her heading a research department. She gained experience in healthcare, education and charity before deciding she wanted to move on. 

Jen loves digging deep into the data and questioning the results, allowing her to turn this into genuine customer insight. She’s passionate about consumer behaviour and loves nothing more than talking our clients through what their data means on the restaurant floor. 

Ellie Pool – Strategy Manager 

Ellie moved from her waitressing job to a digital marketing apprenticeship at the age of 17 and has stuck in the industry ever since. With experience of working in creative roles for both agencies and brands, Ellie joined DataHawks to lead the way in devising data-driven strategies for our clients. 

With years of copywriting, paid social, SEO and email marketing experience under her belt, she knows exactly how to piece together all the channels for a complete marketing strategy that all drives in the same direction to achieve the desired results. 

Nadja Zachary – Campaign Executive

Nadja began in the industry at 14 working in small cafes and restaurants, dedicating an impressive 12 years to the hospitality sector. She has managed a multitude of venues ranging from ale bars to beach clubs. Having a passion for people, she has traveled around the world, learning about the differences in the hospitality industry from country to country. After moving back to London, she decided she wanted to move into the new and ever changing world of data, whilst staying in the sector she loves. 

Nadja is now one of our passionate Campaign Executives, using a blend of hospitality knowledge and analytical thinking to create fun and dynamic campaigns.


Georgia Mackenzie – Campaign Executive

Georgia has grown up around the world of marketing and has always been intrigued by it. She fell into the pub trade at the age of 18 and spent years gaining experience and knowledge, building up to management. She has worked freelance alongside the DataHawks team for some time before joining us permanently. 

Georgia has always been a naturally creative person and is fascinated by the inner workings of the industry. Her copywriting skills are unmatched, she has incredible skill and has the ability to make every campaign a winner. Georgia manages her own portfolio of campaign clients, taking them all the way from strategy to campaign delivery.

Tumi Adoeye – Data Analyst 

Originally working in healthcare, Tumi found her love for data by doing online courses. She realised this because it required her to produce results. As a problem solver this allowed her to feel accomplished, leading her into tech. 

Tumi likes asking why and how, identifying the issue and coming up with solutions. A particularly enjoyable aspect being how it’s not easy, it’s always a challenge and you can never really approach every situation the same way.

One of Tumi’s main goals is professional growth, she joined DataHawks to develop and use many of her skills. Working closely with Edd and Jen she gets straight into the data and attentively looks at the small details that can potentially make a huge difference. 

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